We need a supply chain of humanity!

Times are tough for everyone. We are all feeling confused and sad.

All around the world, millions are suffering, especially the vulnerable communities that do not have access to potable water, soap or sanitation products and spaces. Space is a luxury for vulnerable communities.

Kibera — Slum

This morning I spoke to our community leaders, and in the refugee camp, they told me that the girls are washing their hands and keeping safe. They don’t have masks and gloves; our community leaders are going around to mobilise and educate the girls. I am very anxious but feel confident that NGO’s and our partners such as, UNICEF, UNHCR, PWJapan, will look after them.

More than ever, we need a supply chain of humanity in these difficult times. We need collective efforts to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. I sometimes feel, when I read my twitter notifications, that unfortunately, we are not altogether in this. It is perfectly normal to attempt to hold up the facade and keep appearances, but in the end, this will not help. This crisis is global, and by learning from others, we shall overcome. We need to change our habit and adapt.

Millions of people are isolated, lost and have no support. They cannot follow social distancing, leave their houses, stop their corner shops businesses, as they live in tinny spaces which they share with so many people. Some of these principles do not apply to vulnerable communities, and if we are all in this together, we must rethink and have empathy, compassion and kindness.

Favelas- Brazil

I’m asking people to find a new approach and slow down, to learn to be still. Embrace the silence and the void. We will be alright in the end, but we must rethink, stop the geopolitical scoring, too much social media attention, and work together. People are dying all around the world; there are so much tragedy and trauma right now, therefore, let us for once accept, be creative, unlearn, abstain and be grateful with what we have. We are part of the lucky people.

Love and light x

Marieme Jamme



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Lady Mariéme Jamme

I’m the Founder of @i_amthecode, an Educator on Race and Diversity— I Invest in Girls/Millennials through #STEAMD Edu @YGLvoices @i_amthecode @i_amwellbeing