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I posted this on my Instagram and asked people to share it. Please share it widely. Nobody knows what is like to be black except black people. I truly love my non -Black friends but rather than make them feel bad, I wanted to write this to educate them about my blackness. I am a proud black woman. So read this as an education material, share it. Let’s do this together.

I should not remind society that #iamablackwoman but I ALWAYS do. It’s exhausting, and I’m tired. We must fight #Racism in all forms. I’ve suffered deep racism in the UK 🇬🇧, in France 🇫🇷, in Africa itself. Racism exists in Africa, yes it does. This past couple of weeks have given me the courage to speak up. I am hurt to see another black man die unnecessarily. Black men are criminalised and black women often silenced.😭

My friends are asking me what they can do, here is my take and please SHARE it- It will mean a lot to me for you to understand and take action. — -|| — -❤️

1- Recognised that your privilege isn’t your fault even if you were born into it. Accept your destiny. Racism and slavery are systems.

2- You personally didn’t own slaves or participated in slavery or slave trades. No Guilt- Fear- Paralysis, Safe Space, Neutrality or Silence.

3- Show solidarity- empathy- compassion-March with black people & meet policymakers with us so we can make systemic changes. Speak about Racism but don’t highjack the story. Show up. Reflect.

4- Use your connections to highlight your discomfort and recommend us. Connect us with people who wants to learn and get educated. Racist ideas are developed and we can stop it but learning about the human races.

5- Don’t be my friend because you want a black friend to make yourself look good. This is insulting and hurtful.

6- Don’t invite me to your event because I’m a black woman. When you invite me, pay me what I deserve, don’t negociate with me, put me in a 5-star hotel. Look after me. I am not a token. Don’t treat me like a second class citizen. Appreciate me and my intellect.

7- At conferences give up your seat for a black woman/man who has got the skills, meritocracy no pity.

8- When you invite me to be part of your Board, pay me, listen to my views & act on them. Don’t ignore what I have to say.

9- Invest in my communities. Give us jobs and opportunities. Please understand that we aren’t seeking permission but wants to collaborate and hold on into our humanity.

10- Allow more intelligent voices to be heard. Connect us with Media. No dehumanising me or disrespect when I am explaining my problems. Don’t interrupt me to show me your power. I have a dignity and pride.

11- Respect my dignity, concerns & listen to me when I’m SPEAKING to you. Look me in the eyes. Don’t pretend but LISTEN.

12- Stop having biases about black people. You don’t know what it’s like to be Black.

13- Be interested in what I do rather than put me in a box. I am not a VICTIM- Don’t be lazy. Learn, educate yourself. Open your mind.

14- Be accountable and apologise when you use a racist language or have a racist attitude. You may not know you are doing this, but be mindful. Stop defending yourself to me.

15- Stand and support the back community meaninfully. Sponsor our refugee girls. Donate. Speak up. Protest, Step forward.

16- Stop making me feel invisible and unheard at conferences or at gatherings. Sometimes I am just shy, make me feel comfortable. LISTEN, CONTRIBUTE, BE INTERESTED- SUPPORT.

17- Social injustice is real, have compassion, be outraged that I am treated this way. Take the lead.

18- Have empathy; compassion and kindness, put yourself in my shoes.

19- I am not Angry 😡 — I am just particularly driven, you can call that passionate but I prefer determined.

20- Be my friend, don’t judge me because of the colour of my skin, but be with me because of the content of my character — Be grateful that I am your friend and call you one.

Thank you for reading my perspective.

#educateyourself #justiceforgeorgefloyd #respect #resilience #blacklivesmatter

With love and light.



Lady Mariéme Jamme

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