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I have been reading, learning, and researching intensively about his work. Prince Philip was a pioneer of system change who has transformed the Monarchy and built internal systems to reduce bureaucracy. He was a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) pioneer. A design and engineering master, he knew the importance of time and constant change.

I love the fact that he augmented transparency and enabled social change across the United Kingdom. He has completed more than 22,000 solo engagements since 1952. I find this remarkable.

The Duke was generous and used his power to make a difference.

He was a…

Decades ago, before the birth of social media, I used to make thirty-seven calls a day in order to get access to people, CEOs or C- Suite executive in corporate businesses. My livelihood depended on these calls, and my boss carefully and meticulously supervised each of these calls.

That was the era of cold calling and lead generation and Business intelligent people were hired to do the cold calling, and annoying gatekeepers, they used to make lots of money. I made money. …


I should not remind society that #iamablackwoman but I ALWAYS do. It’s exhausting, and I’m tired. We must fight #Racism in all forms. I’ve suffered deep racism in the UK 🇬🇧, in France 🇫🇷, in Africa itself. Racism exists in Africa, yes it does. This past couple of weeks have given me the courage to speak up. I am hurt to see another black man die unnecessarily. Black men are criminalised and black women often silenced.😭

My friends are asking me what they can do, here is my take and please SHARE it- It will mean a lot to me…

There is a correlation between slavery and racism and I thought that the Rev Al Sharpton Eulogy at the George Flyod’s commemoration of death was really inspiring. I wrote a poem to sum up how I felt about it.

History is a weapon. Let’s learn to do better so we can be better.

We always felt your knee on our necks, tried to tell you so many time, but you never listened and respected us. We have enough of your racists comments and excuses.

· You had your knee on our necks 401 years ago (1619 exactly) when you came to our continent to kidnap our ancestors as slaves.

· You have your knee on our necks when you traded our ancestors and forced them into slavery and raped our women.

· You had your knee on our necks when you forced us in the American colonies and exploited us to work as indentured servants and labour in the production of crops such as tobacco and cotton.

· You had your knee on our necks when you never wanted to listen or talk about…

iamtheCODE image from kakuma Refugee Camp

The Earth has been shaken and there is panic in even the most affluent communities on earth. Wealth and privilege are no longer a badge of honour, nor are they a protector. The message from the British Government is that “we are all in this together” but this message of collectivism is nothing more than political spin. Although COVID-19 does not discriminate, it does disproportionately affect poorer communities and vulnerable populations such as refugees and asylum seekers.

How then must the pandemic be affecting those communities living in the slums of Mumbai in India, favelas of Sao Paolo in Brazil…

Isabella, one the of iamtheCODE young girls sent me a WhatsApp message yesterday asking how I was doing with my family. She saw on the news that London was not doing well with COVID-19 and got worried that she will not see me again. She loved it when I visited them and organised hackathons and digital clubs.

I asked how she’s coping with her family. Isabella is a victim of gang rape, was abused and molested multiple times and now lives in a foster home which is not ideal but safer than where she was before.

During the exchange, I…

Times are tough for everyone. We are all feeling confused and sad.

We are all going through uncertain times indeed. We don’t know when it will end. Covid-19 is testing us all, but we must remain calm, grateful and optimistic. We are not in control of how thing will evolve, but we are in control of how we respond to it by staying home and self-distancing ourselves.

All around the world, millions are suffering, especially the vulnerable communities that do not have access to potable water, soap or sanitation products and spaces. Space is a luxury for vulnerable communities.

“Seventy-eight percent of millennials are worried about not having enough good paying job opportunity to pay off their student loans. Seventy-four percent can’t pay the health care if they get sick. Seventy-nine percent don’t have enough money to live when they retire. So, already, we’re having a whole generation that’s coming on, not only here but also in Europe, that isn’t able to get good-paying jobs.” Michael Hudson

I am exhausted, disappointed and I need to get this out of my chest, and I think that I am not the only one that should.

A few weeks ago I called…

…with their Mobile phones. In 2011, I travelled in more than 18 African countries to organise the Apps4Africa Climate Change Challenge. Thanks to my friend and co-founder of the Hive Colab Jon Gosier, the US State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs and Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs co-sponsored Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge, which consisted of three regional competitions focused on using mobile technology to address local climate change challenges.

These competitions where linked to three regional workshops organized by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department as part of the broader Adaptation Partnership.


I believe that our future will be built through billions of lines of code, however, the word coding is misused, and I think we need to protect its meaning or explain what it can really do to change lives.

We must vet programs claiming to teach coding to girls and boys. Creating awareness around coding and getting kids exposed and excited is great but teaching them how to really code should be the end goal for these programs. Let’s minimise buzzwords and actually teach.

As a full-stack developer, I get really alarmed when I read on social media or press…

Lady Mariéme Jamme

I’m the Founder of @i_amthecode, an Educator on Race and Diversity— I Invest in Girls/Millennials through #STEAMD Edu @YGLvoices @africagathering @i_amwellbeing

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